Protecting the security of your home – who has access to YOUR home?

By June 29, 2017 No Comments

The importance of home security in this day and age can be fraught with danger and is rarely straight forward. We tend to lead busier lives and so need more help around the home. This means giving access to people that you do not know. Therefore selecting a company or provider with a track record for providing a secure service is of paramount importance. Here is how MYHOME provides a secure home cleaning service for our clients;

1. Recruitment

By taking on staff that are referred to us by our existing home cleaners, Myhome ensures that before they even come for an interview they are aware of how we work and that someone close to them has vouched for them.  This has the effect of creating a tighter family fell to our company where we all have a vested interested in everyone performing to the highest standards of cleaning and home security.

2. Interview and Vetting

We have perfected a unique interview system which we call the chain-link recruitment system. The main focus on this is to ensure that we hire only people who are passionate about working for us and therefore less likely to do anything that would jeopardize their position. Home security is obviously a large part of this.

3. DBS Checked Staff

All our home cleaners need to provide us with an up to date DBS check. This is just another way in which we can check that all the data we have on our home cleaners is accurate and that there is nothing we need to be concerned about.

4. Training 

All our home cleaners undergo a vigorous training regime which can last a month. At the end of which they will understand all the home security procedures we have. Everything from signing in/out home keys, setting home alarms and securely locking all doors and windows before they leave will to to the forefront of all we do. Also all our home cleaners work in teams of two so they will always have someone on hand to help when required.

5. Fare Pay

We recognize that paying people properly will mean that it is much more likely that they will do the job properly and leads to less staff turnover which in turn creates consistency in the service that we provide.