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Welcome to My Home, a premium service for end of tenancy cleaning in Hackney. Here at My Home, we provide end of tenancy cleans seven days a week for both tenants and landlords. More often than not we work directly with estate agents on behalf of their clients, cleaning properties all over Hackney.

Outstanding End Of Tenancy Cleaning Hackney

We understand that a number of landlords, and tenants especially, have attempted end of tenancy cleans themselves, however, this often results in a much higher cost in the long run. This is often as a result of prolonged periods of the property being empty while professional cleaners are then called in after DIY attempts.

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From homes that appear “lived in” to others that have perhaps passed that stage, now appearing a little too “lived in”; our team of expert cleaners will have your property looking back to its best in next to no time if you require End of tenancy cleans outside of Hackney, we also have teams in Southgate, Muswell Hill, Camden, Hampstead and Islington


We’re more than aware that when it comes to rental property, time is money and quite often, there’s very little time between old tenants moving out and new tenants moving in. Thankfully, our efficient team will ensure minimal to no down time for landlords by completing their end of tenancy clean in next to no time at all.


Our expert teams are trained to the very highest standards in not only the latest cleaning techniques but the best machinery and solutions on the market. This allows them to be as efficient as possible, offering you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to letting your property; giving you the option to let it out with a super quick turnaround or hand it back to the landlord looking nothing short of immaculate.


Here at My Home, however, we’re all too happy for the opportunity to show you why we’re the professionals and of course, the go-to end of tenancy cleaning company in Hackney.


Here at My Home, there really is no job too big or small. Our team will turn their hands (and equipment) to anything from studio apartments to large detached houses. Our team will approach any and all tasks with the same enthusiasm and expertise as the next, using a very methodical approach.


Our team have great attention to detail which means no stone is left unturned and as a result, your property will look nothing short of spectacular. If you’d like more information on our end of tenancy cleaning services in and around Hackney, simply contact us today using the contact details below:

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If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!

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What is expected of a cleaner?

The standard inclusions for a regular cleaning service include mopping floors, making beds, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, vacuuming different areas within the house, and dusting all surfaces.


Do I need insurance to employ a cleaner?

Do House Cleaners need insurance? Yes, house cleaners need to be insured. Most clients will insist that you hold a Public Liability policy before agreeing to work with you, to protect their property from any damage you might accidentally create.


How are cleaners vetted?

We interview cleaners in person and check their documents to confirm they have the right to work in the UK. We also check their proof of address and references. Each cleaner has taken our test. Cleaners go through induction with one of our supervisors or in the homes of our management team.


Can a landlord charge for end-of-tenancy cleaning?

The short answer is no. In fact, according to the Tenant Fees Act 2019, a landlord cannot legally charge tenants for end-of-tenancy cleaning services.


Is professional cleaning required at end of the tenancy?

As a general rule, the tenant should return the property at the end of the tenancy, cleaned to the same standard as at the outset.


How do you deep clean at the end of a tenancy?


  1. Wipe down doors and on top of doors.
  2. Wipe down skirting boards and all wooden furniture carefully of dust.
  3. Wash windows internally including sills and ledges.
  4. Clean inside & outside and on top of cupboards/wardrobes.
  5. Remove cobwebs.
  6. Clean coving, picture rail, cornice/curtain rails.
  7. Clean & polish mirrors, and pictures.

Do I have to provide the cleaning supplies?

No. The house cleaning company will provide their cleaning supplies. If you need special products used in your home for any reason, however, you are welcome to provide that, alongside directions on proper usage.

Do I have to be at home at the time of the appointment?

No, we only need access to the property. Our phone operators can arrange everything – from picking up to bringing back the keys to a nearby place – a property manager or a neighbour.


How are cleaners vetted?

We interview cleaners in person and check their documents to confirm they have the right to work in the UK. We also check their proof of address and references. Each cleaner has taken our test. Cleaners go through induction with one of our supervisors or in the homes of our management team.


Can I give the cleaner the key?

Yes. All our cleaners have been vetted and can hold keys. There is a key receipt form in the information pack which we will send you and you can ask the cleaner to sign it and it is for you to keep.


Who pays for end-of-tenancy cleaning?

There are different types of contracts, but the standard is that the end of tenancy clean is the tenant’s responsibility. The property must be left at the same level of cleanliness as the day the tenant moved in. Most contracts don’t state how this must be achieved, so the tenant can decide on their own.


Can a landlord charge you for painting after you move out?

It all boils down to what is written in your lease and a landlord needs to put down the specifics of painting and cleaning the property in the lease agreement. If this is not in the lease agreement a landlord cannot hold the previous tenant liable for the costs unless the property has been damaged.


What repairs are tenants responsible for?

5 Common Repairs Tenants Are Responsible For

  • Damage Caused by Tenants or Their Guests. Nothing lasts forever, but some furniture and appliances could have lasted a little longer if it wasn’t for clumsiness or the lack of knowledge.
  • Mould and Pests.
  • Consumables.
  • Misuse of Property
  • Unreported Issues
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