Who we are

Myhome was started by husband and wife team Niall and Suzanne Power in 2005. Prior to this they had both been city professionals. At that time there were very few professional cleaning companies operating in the area. As with many people, their primary concern was home security and in particular being comfortable enough with a provider to hand over a set of keys. This proved impossible and so with the need identified, they launched MYHOME.
The philosophy for the business was to simply provide people with a high-quality domestic cleaning service that had home security at its core. In practice this means a very robust recruitment and training programme with a unique cleaning system at its centre combined with the latest technologies and cleaning equipment to ensure a high-quality consistent service each and every time.

Mission Statement

We believe that by creating a positive impact on the home life of the clients we serve and the work life of the people we employ as well as our local environment, that the satisfaction levels of all stakeholders will remain high, leading to lower staff turnover, higher customer retention and a heathier environment for all.

Our Core Values

At Myhome we see home security, the well-being of our home cleaners and our relentless pursuit of enhanced customer satisfaction as our core values. We believe that happy staff will naturally adopt our security and system procedures easier and as a result perform them to a higher standard. By striving for, and adopting these core values, we believe, that the level of service each of our clients receives will be enhanced.


When recruiting, we rank attitude above all other characteristics. We want people who care and who will adopt our values and procedures with enthusiasm. We expect all our staff to treat each other, our company and most importantly each clients’ home with the utmost respect and care.


We always show up. We always come equipped and ready to do the job agreed. We see ourselves as a solution company and will always find a way to ensure that you get the best possible result. We guarantee each clean so if you are not entirely happy, we will do it again for free!


All our home cleaners are properly trained in our unique Tri-Zonal Cleaning System and knowledgeable about how every surface and stain should be treated. They are also equipped with the latest professional cleaning products and are dedicated to ensuring your home gets the best possible care.


If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!

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