We understand that there are many people less fortunate than ourselves and as such we hand pick two local and one international charity to donate to every couple of years. We currently donate to two London homeless shelters along with Child Rescue Nepal. Please visit our charity page to learn more about the fantastic work these organisations do along with how you get help.


AT Myhome we have our unique Tri-Zonal™ cleaning system which was developed with a view to finding the most effective and efficient cleaning method for domestic cleaning. We split your home into 3 specific colour areas – Blue, Red & Green. The team then use the specific colour coded 13 step program along with the correct products for each area to ensure a perfectly clean home each and every time.


At Myhome we realise that it is our staff that are the life blood of our business and as such we make sure that they are properly looked after. This means that they come equipped with all the safety & correct cleaning equipment that they will need to complete each job. We also ensure proper training and insurance is in place to avoid problems arising and escalating. Apart from that we also fully vet and DBS check all our staff. You can rest assured that at Myhome safety and security is at the centre of all we do.

Myhome domestic services are the number 1 provider of premium cleaning in Finchley. Myhome also provide first rate handyman, gardening and other services to the domestic sector. At Myhome we provide a bespoke service to fit the exacting needs and budgets of ALL our clients. With almost 200,000 cleans successfully completed so far Myhome continue to strive to be the best. Apart from cleaning in Finchley, Myhome also has cleaners in Muswell Hill, cleaners in Hackney, cleaners in Camden, cleaners in Hampstead, cleaners in Islington, cleaners in Southgate, cleaners in Barnet, cleaners in Enfield and more.

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Here at Myhome we have always tried to provide a long-term solution to our clients’ domestic service needs. With this in mind, we welcome our obligations to HMRC and to society as a whole. In practice this means that we set out to be tax compliant and are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and use more environmentally friendly products.


We also specialise in providing assistance to Property & Block management companies. When tenants vacate a property Myhome are on hand to provide handyman servicesprofessional tenancy cleaningcarpet cleaning and even Gardening services.

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Domestic Cleaning

Our Cleaning Services in Finchley – Tailored to Your Needs

When it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to do it all on your own. That’s where professional cleaners can come in handy. At MyHome, we offer top-quality cleaning services in Finchley and the surrounding areas, designed to make your life easier and your home cleaner than ever before.

Our cleaners are trained and experienced in all aspects of domestic cleaning, from dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning and sanitizing. We use only the best cleaning products and equipment, ensuring that your home is not only clean but also safe and healthy for you and your family.

At MyHome, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service that is tailored to your specific needs. We understand that every home and every client is unique, which is why we offer a range of cleaning services and flexible scheduling options to suit your needs.

All of our cleaners are fully vetted and insured, giving you peace of mind that your home is in safe hands. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you’re not completely happy with our service, we’ll come back and make it right.

If you’re looking for reliable and professional cleaners in Finchley, look no further than MyHome. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning service and experience the difference that a clean home can make.

Whether you need a one-off deep clean to get your home ready for a special occasion, or regular cleaning services to keep your home looking its best, our team of cleaners can help. We offer a range of cleaning services to suit your needs, including:

  • Regular cleaning: Our regular cleaning service is designed to keep your home clean and tidy on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Our cleaners will dust, vacuum, and clean all surfaces, ensuring that your home is always looking its best.
  • Deep cleaning: Our deep cleaning service is perfect for when your home needs a little extra attention. We’ll clean every nook and cranny, from the top of your shelves to the bottom of your baseboards, leaving your home sparkling clean.
  • End of tenancy cleaning: If you’re moving out of a rental property, our end of tenancy cleaning service can help you get your deposit back. We’ll clean every inch of your home to ensure that it’s in the best possible condition for the next tenants.
  • Oven cleaning: Ovens can be notoriously difficult to clean, but our team of cleaners has the expertise and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll leave your oven looking and smelling as good as new.
  • Carpet cleaning: Carpets can be a magnet for dirt and dust, but our professional carpet cleaning service can help to remove even the most stubborn stains and odours. We use only the best equipment and cleaning products, leaving your carpets looking and feeling fresh.


At MyHome Cleaners Finchley, we recognize the dual importance of creating a pristine environment within your home and maintaining an ecological balance outside of it. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through our use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods. We meticulously select supplies that are not only tough on dirt and grime but are also gentle on the planet.


Our team comprises experienced professionals who are not only experts in cleaning but also in caring for diverse types of surfaces and materials within your home. They understand that each home has its specific cleaning needs, whether it’s preserving the shine of hardwood floors or ensuring the delicate handling of heirloom furniture.


MyHome Cleaners Finchley doesn’t just stop at creating clean homes; we are actively engaged in nurturing a clean community. By supporting local and international charity projects, we extend our care beyond the threshold of your home. When you choose MyHome, you’re not just selecting a service, you’re supporting a company that gives back to those in need.

For a home that reflects care inside and out, and service that values the community and environment as much as cleanliness and customer satisfaction, look no further than MyHome Cleaners Finchley. Let’s make a positive impact together – one clean space at a time.


Ready for a spotless home and a cleaner world? Reach out to MyHome Cleaners Finchley for your free quote today, and step into a cleaner, more caring tomorrow.



Even when your chopping boards look clean then can still be an area where bacteria can thrive. A great way to freshen up and kill bacteria is to spread some coarse salt and scrub in the board using a half lemon. Liberal use of lemon juice will make it easier. Once covered let is settle for 5 minutes. Then clean off and rinse.


Most oven cleaners can be a little over powering in terms of the odours that the release while using them. A good alternative is to use some baking soda. Simple mix with some water and brush onto all oven surfaces. Then turn the oven on and allow to heat up for 20 minutes. Then you should be able to easily wipe off all the grease and burnt on stains with a little elbow grease.


It is not something that people think about often but cleaning your dishwasher regularly will improve its performance and give off a better odour while it is working. Simply pour half a bottle of vinegar into the machine and run a cycle. Run another rinsing cycle to complete the task.


Rather than using washing up liquid we recommend using salt. Simply add a spoon full of coarse salt into the bottom of the pot or pan and scrub in with some kitchen towel. Then heat the pan over a low heat to get rid of any extra moisture. This will also prevent rusting.


If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!

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We cover many areas including Finchley as shown below:

Take a look at these commonly asked questions:

What is expected of a cleaner?

The standard inclusions for a regular cleaning service include mopping floors, making beds, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, vacuuming different areas within the house, and dusting all surfaces.


Do I need insurance to employ a cleaner?

Do House Cleaners need insurance? Yes, house cleaners need to be insured. Most clients will insist that you hold a Public Liability policy before agreeing to work with you, to protect their own property from any damage you might accidentally create.


How are cleaners vetted?

We interview cleaners in person and check their documents to confirm they have the right to work in the UK. We also check their proof of address and references. Each cleaner has taken our test. Cleaners go through induction with one of our supervisors or in the homes of our management team.


Can I give the cleaner the key?

Yes. All our cleaners have been vetted and can hold keys. There is a key receipt form in the information pack which we will send you and you can ask the cleaner to sign it and it is for you to keep.


Is the cleaner flexible about tasks to be done?

Yes. The cleaner can do any reasonable cleaning-related domestic task. Cleaners cannot use a stepladder, hand wash or lift anything heavy. We are not able to do any work outside your premises, such as external windows, gardens or patios.

What if my cleaner is running late?

Our cleaners do our best to arrive at your agreed time. There are situations when traffic is delayed and cleaners may arrive late. Cleaners are instructed to contact you if they are stuck in traffic. Please feel free to telephone the office if you need to go and we will try to find out how far the cleaner is from your place.


Do you have to come to the property in order to give me a quote? 

That is not necessary, simply give us as many details about the property and what you need to be cleaned and our consultants will give you an approximation of what the service will cost.


Do I have to be at home at the time of the appointment?

No, we only need access to the property. Our phone operators can arrange everything – from picking up to bringing back the keys to a nearby place – a property manager or a neighbour.


Can you come today or tomorrow to clean? 

Depending on the availability of our cleaners, we could come today or tomorrow, our customer care staff will let you of the soonest available slots.


Do I have to provide the cleaning supplies?

No. The house cleaning company will provide their own cleaning supplies. If you need special products used in your home for any reason, however, you are welcome to provide that, alongside directions on proper usage.

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