Myhome provide domestic cleaning in Islington and the North London area. We have been operating from our head office in Islington since 2005 and are on hand to solve all your domestic needs. We primarily provide premium domestic cleaning services in Islington and the surrounding areas.


Whether you need professional home cleaning, carpet cleaninghandyman services or gardening services we are on hand to help. Established for over 12 years and with over 200,000 cleans completed, we are uniquely placed to provide first rate domestic cleaning in Islington and surrounding areas.  Myhome specializes only in domestic services which means that all our training and the products we use are tailored for the domestic sector, therefore only domestic grade cleaning products and equipment will be used in your home.


We aim to provide a service that consistently exceeds our customers’ high expectations and we achieve this by carefully sourcing highly motivated staff who want to excel at their jobs. They are then all trained in our exclusive Tri-ZonalTM cleaning system. Finally, they are all equipped with the best products and tools to enable them to deliver a consistent first class service each and every time.

We try to create a dynamic environment for all our home cleaners and other operatives so that they feel they play a real part in the continued success of our business. As a result, they tend to stay with us for the long-term so you can rest assured in the knowledge that the operatives in your home take their jobs very seriously. This also means that our clients’ generally get the same team each visit.

Myhome provide premium domestic cleaning in Hampstead.  Myhome also provide first class handyman servies and carpet cleaning services to the North London domestic market. At MyHome will tailor a service to fit your needs and budget. With over 200,000 successfully completed cleans Myhome are the experts in the field. Apart from providing cleaners in islington we also provide cleaners in Hackneycleaners in Hampstead, cleaners in Muswell HIll, cleaners in Camden, cleaners in Southgate, cleaners in Finchley, cleaners in Barnet, cleaners in Enfield and more.

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On the day of the clean the keys are signed out by the relevant team leader, kept on her person all day, before being signed back in that afternoon. In 15 years we have never misplaced a key and we constantly review our security set-up. Apart from all the above we are also fully insured against all likely scenarios. So, if any person or item in your home is damaged as a result a Myhome Service we are covered. Please feel free to ask to see a copy of our current insurance certificates and we will email over to you.


Apart from domestic cleaning in Islington myhome also provide cleaners in Barnsburycleaning services in Canonburycleaning in De Beauvoir.

Apart from Regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning we also provide a 4 weekly service as well as ad-hoc cleaning such as After Builder Cleans, Tenancy Cleans and Pre & Post Event cleaning.

We also specialise in handyman servicescarpet & upholstery services and gardening services, a list we hope to continue to add to over the coming years.

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Domestic Cleaning


All our workers go through a strict vetting and DBS checking system to ensure that the security of our clients’ home is always in the best possible hands. We also provide a unique security key holding system. Should they wish our clients’ keys are security tagged and are safely stored in our office.

At MyHome, we understand the importance of a clean and serene living space in bustling North London. We are committed to providing top-notch domestic cleaning services in Islington, ensuring your home is impeccably maintained, allowing you to relax and enjoy your precious downtime.

Our Islington cleaning experts come equipped with the latest tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, demonstrating our commitment to both the environment and the optimal upkeep of your home. We acknowledge the diversity of our client requirements and offer personalized cleaning plans to match the specificities of each household.

We take pride in our detailed-oriented approach, ensuring every corner of your home receives the attention it deserves. Our services are not just about superficial cleanliness but about creating a hygienic, allergen-free environment, especially important for homes with young children, the elderly, or those with respiratory sensitivities.

For those sudden spillages or emergency cleaning needs, our responsive team is ready to spring into action, guaranteeing swift and efficient service to restore your home’s comfort and cleanliness.

Choosing MyHome means selecting a reliable partner in maintaining your home’s cleanliness and harmony. We invite you to experience the unparalleled professionalism and dedication of our cleaners in Islington. Reach out today for a bespoke cleaning plan that caters to your lifestyle, schedule, and cleaning preferences, and join the myriad of satisfied customers who entrust us with the sanctity of their homes.

Our Cleaning Services in Islington – Tailored to Your Needs

When it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to do it all on your own. That’s where professional cleaners can come in handy. At MyHome, we offer top-quality cleaning services in Islington and the surrounding areas, designed to make your life easier and your home cleaner than ever before.

Our cleaners are trained and experienced in all aspects of domestic cleaning, from dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning and sanitizing. We use only the best cleaning products and equipment, ensuring that your home is not only clean but also safe and healthy for you and your family.

At MyHome, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service that is tailored to your specific needs. We understand that every home and every client is unique, which is why we offer a range of cleaning services and flexible scheduling options to suit your needs.

All of our cleaners are fully vetted and insured, giving you peace of mind that your home is in safe hands. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you’re not completely happy with our service, we’ll come back and make it right.

If you’re looking for reliable and professional cleaners in Islington, look no further than MyHome. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning service and experience the difference that a clean home can make.

Whether you need a one-off deep clean to get your home ready for a special occasion, or regular cleaning services to keep your home looking its best, our team of cleaners can help. We offer a range of cleaning services to suit your needs, including:

  • Regular cleaning: Our regular cleaning service is designed to keep your home clean and tidy on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Our cleaners will dust, vacuum, and clean all surfaces, ensuring that your home is always looking its best.
  • Deep cleaning: Our deep cleaning service is perfect for when your home needs a little extra attention. We’ll clean every nook and cranny, from the top of your shelves to the bottom of your baseboards, leaving your home sparkling clean.
  • End of tenancy cleaning: If you’re moving out of a rental property, our end of tenancy cleaning service can help you get your deposit back. We’ll clean every inch of your home to ensure that it’s in the best possible condition for the next tenants.
  • Oven cleaning: Ovens can be notoriously difficult to clean, but our team of cleaners has the expertise and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll leave your oven looking and smelling as good as new.
  • Carpet cleaning: Carpets can be a magnet for dirt and dust, but our professional carpet cleaning service can help to remove even the most stubborn stains and odours. We use only the best equipment and cleaning products, leaving your carpets looking and feeling fresh.



  • Start immediately to the right of the hob and wipe down surface-tops and fronts of cabinets.
  • Clean the fronts of all appliances – like the refrigerator, microwave & dishwasher.
  • Clean the hob.
  • Clean inside of the microwave.
  • Clean inside sink and top of draining board.
  • Wipe and mop floor.

Maintaining your kitchen by putting together a cleaning rota will help keep your kitchen in good order. Use the below timetable to keep youk kitchen spic n span between between MYHOME Cleaner’s visits:

Day to Day: At the end of each day always wipe down surfaces, pack dishwasher, put dishes away and sweep up the floor.

Weekly: Then on a weekly rota you should do all the daily tasks along with mopping the kitchen floor.

Monthly: Then once per month you should clean the fronts of all cabinets, inside your fridge, throw out past its best food and re-order your pantry.

Yearly: You should “Spring” clean your kitchen area once per year. This will mean cleaning inside all cupboards and appliances, clearing all shelves and washing all crockery. You should also dismantled all the interior shelves of the fridge, pull it our and clean behind/under if possible and dust all light fixtures, etc.

Domestic Cleaning Hire


  • Take out all wastepaper baskets, towels and floor mats.
  • Take out all bottles and cleaning products from the bath and shower .
  • Using the relevant attachment wet the bath and shower walls with warm water.
  • Scrub in a tile and grout cream cleaner, allow to set.
  • Spray and clean all other surfaces with bathroom cleaner.
  • Scrub off the cream cleaner from the bath and shower walls using a scourer.
  • Scrub floor tiles with cream cleaner.
  • Clean all shower racks and soap bowls.
  • Clean shower door and mechanism.
  • Rinse off walls and shower screen and then dry with cloth.
  • Spray vanity cabinet and surrounds with bathroom cleaner.
  • Spray the surface-top with all-purpose cleaner.
  • Scrub sink in and surround.
  • Wipe down the vanity surround.
  • Wipe down all cabinet fronts.
  • Clean all mirror with glass cleaner.
  • Shine the taps.
  • Wash and mop down the floor with floor cleaning solution and allow to dry.
  • Replace all rugs, bath mat and waste paper baskets.


  • Removed all clutter from the room – clothes, waste bins, light furniture etc.
  • Dust all surfaces and tidy away seldom used items.
  • Vacuum the floor – including under all furniture.
  • Return any furniture and store away clothes.
  • Make bed.
  • Straighten.


Mattresses will collect all sorts of undesirable things like dead skin cells, sweat, bed mites, hair and food and pollen to create a bacteria breathing ground. Steam cleaning a mattress is best left to the experts as apart from being time consuming, if not done with high performance machine it will take days to dry. Using a mattress pad will keep your mattress cleaner for longer, but it will always be best to give it a thorough clean.

Best to begin by removing any pads and linen and give it a once over with your vacuum. Next, you should cover the surface with a light sprinkling of standard baking soda, rub it in and let to sit for any hour or so. Then give the mattress another vacuum. Use a damp sponge and a mild household cleaning solution, and give the mattress a vigorous wipe down. Let your mattress dry thoroughly and if possible do so in direct sunlight, which is known to kill bacteria.

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