Are you looking for professional upholstery cleaning in London? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at MyHome, we can provide you with an upholstery cleaner service guaranteed to get your sofas and other soft furnishings looking as good as new.

We have been providing a professional upholstery cleaning service for a number of years. Our clients range from landlords to tenants and even housekeepers.

We also provide these services however, to commercial spaces, when business owners need their offices looking as clean and fresh as possible. From office sofas to retail space changing rooms, wherever there’s soft furnishings in sight, our professional team of cleaners can provide you with a first class service guaranteed to put a sparkle back into your upholstery. 

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The Benefits Of Using Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Longer Lifespan For Your Furniture

If you take better care of your soft furnishings, they’ll last you a lot longer. Fact. This is true for everything from car seats to clothing and of course furniture. By having your upholstery professionally cleaned, you can remove stains and prevent the break down of materials. This won’t just ensure your upholstery looks good but serves you longer too, saving you money in the long run also.

Fresher Smelling Room

Depending on how long you’ve had your furniture, it will have been through a lot. From heavy use to spills and stains.  During that time, it will have gained a few scents and smells that would inevitably affect the scent of your home or office.

While a quick fabric spray may help, it won’t last and will merely cover up the bad smells for a time. Only a thorough and deep clean will truly rid your furniture of the smells you will have undoubtedly become used to. The nose of your guests will thank you for it.

Cleaner Appearance

While you could use shop bought products, there’s nothing quite like a professional clean using professional products. With our top of the range equipment and fully trained staff, you can guarantee you’ll see a marked difference in the appearance of your sofas, cushions and more. Not only will you enjoy better looking furniture but you’ll also enjoy a better looking home too.

Better Air Quality

Due to the very nature of upholstery, it naturally collects things such as allergens over its lifetime. With professional upholstery cleaning however, you can get deep into the fibres and remove everything from dander to pollen and dust you didn’t even realise was there. This will make for a much cleaner, healthier environment for you, your family or your customers/clients.


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