How To Keep Your Loo Looking Clean And Fresh!

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How To Keep Your Toilet Sparkling

Keeping your loo looking clean and fresh is not the job everyone looks forward to but read below for a some handy tips that will make it easier and quicker.

You need a daily and weekly routine to keep it looking clean and fresh

Toilet Cleaning Routine


First of all you need to get rid of the water in the bowl. This can be achieved by using the toilet brush to push the water over the s-bend. Eventually the bottom of the bowl will be near empty. We do this so that the toilet cleaner is not diluted by the water in the loo. You can then go ahead and add the toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl – this can be a powder or liquid.

Then wearing rubber gloves, scrub the bowl all over, try to get the brush as deep into the s-bend as possible. You can also do under the toilet rim with a scrubby sponge. Once complete add some more toilet cleaner, limescale remover or a cup of white vinegar to the toilet and allow to sit for an hour or longer if possible. Simply flush the loo to rinse all the chemical away. Now you should have one sparkling clean toilet!


To avoid having to do the above too often, quickly give the toilet bowl a quick swish with a toilet brush and a little cleaner. This will keep your loo in tip-top condition.

Finally keeping your loo looking clean and fresh also extends to the outer parts of your toilet will finish the task nicely and we recommend the following tips;

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Toilet

Tackle it once per week and using a damp microfiber cloth which you have fold into eighths, start by wiping at the top of the tank or cistern and work down. Once an area has been cleaned change the side of the cloth that you are using. We recommend to wipe in the following order, each time remembering to fold to a new fresh portion of the cloth:

  1. Toilet flushing handle and the tops and sides of the tank
  2. Top of and the inside of the toilet lid – attention to the hinge area
  3. Top and underside of the toilet seat, and the area between the tank and the toilet seat. Continue by cleaning along the top of the porcelain rim-outside of the bowl and the base of the loo
  4. Finally give the floor around the loo a good scrub to complete the task

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