Is It Possible To Effectively Clean Your Porcelain Sink Without Bleach?

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Cleaning porcelain sinks can certainly be tricky if you do not want to use a bleach based product.

Traditional white porcelain sinks can be a thing of immense beauty when properly cared for. In recent decades they have been overlooked in favour or more contemporary materials such as stone, polished concrete or even simply stainless steel, but in recent years we have noticed a resurgence of the traditional white porcelain sink in London homes.

Porcelain Sinks Stain Easy

One of the reasons for the initial decline in their popularity was that they tended to stain easy and so owners needed to apply masses of bleach just to tackle the stains. Obviously in today’s society reducing the amount of chemicals one pours down the sink, drain or toilet is of much higher importance than how white your sink looks so people are more inclined to move away from harsher chemicals like bleach based products.

Porcelain stains easy because it is a porous material which, believe it or not, gets more porous through the years due to chips, dings and general wear and tear.  Some stains can resist all conventional scrubbing techniques – leaving a tea bag sitting in the sink, for instance, can look like a permanent stain.

Cleaning porcelain sinks without bleach

At Myhome, through years sending out cleaners in North London, we discovered an easy way to keep white porcelain sinks looking bright and shiny without using harsh chemicals like bleach.  Our professional home cleaners always need to use protective masks to prevent inhaling bleach fumes so it stands to reason that we would look for alternative ways to clean porcelain sinks without bleach. Our alternative is Hydrogen peroxide and simply baking soda.

Above you can see a photo of a client’s sink after it had been soaking up general stains for a couple of days.

How To Clean Without Bleach

First step is to wipe down the sink so it is pretty much dry.  Liberally spray the sink thoroughly with the hydrogen peroxide (easiest if you pour it into a trigger spray bottle). It also does not harm to pour in some distilled white vinegar as this will kill any lingering bacteria – leave the sink to sit in that for as 3-4 hours.

As hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties you will notice after this time that most of the stains have disappeared and all that remains are some scuff marks and other streaks.  Then it is time to add the baking soda.  Simply sprinkle some all over the sink and the add some washing up liquid to the mix – vigorously scrub!

About 3 minutes and rinse it all down and there you go a clean, shiny white porcelain sink.

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