How To Effectively Clean Up After Builders

By June 29, 2017 No Comments

We have all been there, your builder says that the job will take a couple days to complete and they will clean everything to such a level once they have finished that you will not think that they have even started. Then the reality bites, the jobs drags on, the budget is blown and the mess is beyond what you can live with. You end up asking the builder to leave. You then have the unenviable task of cleaning up after them. After builder dust gets everywhere and despite covering areas in plastic sheeting the dust still finds a way to get through.

The Solution 

Cleaning up builders dust is probably the most difficult in terms of getting the result you want – the removal of 100% of the dust. This is because the dust is so fine the slightest movement or breath will send it into the air again. Anyone who has tried cleaning after the builders will recognize this problem, no sooner than you have cleaned a surface that the dust will have resettled. At MYHOME we believe that we have perfected After-Builder cleans. Start with the vacuum and a ladder – from the top down vacuum all surfaces, try not to disturb the dust too much. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust floating in the atmosphere. Once this is complete then you simply need to wet wipe and dry wipe each surface. Before you know all surfaces will be cleaned with minimal amounts of dust floating around.

The Better Solution

As Myhome specialize in home cleaning services, why not give us a call on 0208 802 4040 to arrange a no-obligation quote and let the professionals deal with it. We will send in a team of experienced, equipped cleaners which will turn you house back into a home in next to no time. Myhome offer a full range of cleaning services in Muswell Hill, cleaning in Hackney and surrounding areas.