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The Cause

At Myhome charitable causes are very important to us. Rory McHugh first introduced Myhome to the project he was working on with Child Rescue Nepal in February 2017. We were inspired by the work that they do to free children from slavery and help reunite them with their families. Rory’s particular project involved the building of three schools in the more inaccessible areas of Nepal which had been destroyed in the 2015 earthquake, and by attempting to climb Everest he hoped to raise the funds required. As this fitted in perfectly with our other Myhome charitable causes we were more than happy to get involved and have pledged to donate £800 per annum until the total is reached.

The Journey

Before even setting off enough money had been raised to fund the building of one of the schools. Despite the ups and downs (literally) of an Everest expedition Rory and his team reached the summit on 26th May. Although the weather was not optimal they still had time for a rest and to unfurl their sponsorship banner which can be seen above – note the slightly obscured “MYHOME LOGO” on the bottom right! Myhome if you don’t know provide premium residential cleaning services in Islington along with cleaning in Camden, home cleaning in Hampstead and surrounding areas.  

The Future

Despite reaching the summit we have yet to raise the funds necessary to build all 3 schools. Donations are still being gratefully accepted on the links below. Rory and his team are all now back safely in the UK but the mission to raise the funds for all three schools continues. Please check out the links below and give generously, all support is greatly appreciated. Please check out the other charitable causes.

Rory McHugh is climbing Everest in aid of Rory’s Nepal School Project with Child Rescue Nepal, to build schools in off-the-beaten track villages not yet recovered from the 2015 earthquake. He would also greatly appreciate your support on and blog on