Office Cleaning Routine

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Keeping your office desk free from clutter and tidy will increase your productivity and lead to better levels of morale and concentration. Here are some easy ways for people to achieve an effective office cleaning routine;

1. Keep a bin within reach

By just making sure that you have a bin close for your general waste will certainly be a great start to keeping your desk clutter free.  Apart from dumping rubbish from your lunch you should also regularly review your post-its to see if they are still worth while keeping.

2. Digitize your paper reminders

Instead of keeping paper post-its to act as reminders simply take a photo of them on you’re your phone and keep these photos on your computer or phone. Once your notes have been “digitised” bin the paper versions. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer your desk looks.

3. Get rid of unnecessary clutter

Remove anything from your desk which is not useful or beautiful. This “rule” will mean dumping anything which is not regularly used and so freeing up more space. If it doesn’t have an important use, it doesn’t need to be there.

4. Clean before you go home

It’s always nice start your day off with a clean desk so take five minutes at the end of each day to quickly clean down your desk. A more thorough clean will probably be needed once per week, Clean space, clean mind.

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Finally, as always please remember that even though you do follow the above we all understand that in many cases the day just can get away from us and so it can be simply left undone. But do not stress the experts are always just a phone call away to help get your office back to it former glory. Give Myhome a call and we will arrange a free on-sight assessment before arranging for a team of professionals to come and do all your office cleaning tasks.