How to Minimising The Amount Of Pet Hair In Your Home

By May 18, 2017 No Comments

Hair and fur from your house pets will often lead to an increased frequency of cleaning that your home requires. Balls of fur and hair migrate across your hard floors and stick to your soft furnishing adding hours to the maintenance of your home. To help minimise pet hair MYHOME has some useful suggestions…

Regular Grooming

* Regular Grooming: By far the most important ways to control the amount of pet hair in your home is to brush down your pets daily. This will remove all loose and dead hair and by doing it outside it means that these hairs will not end up floating around your home. A stiff bristle brush is required to reach the undercoat.

Wear Rubbler Gloves

* Rubber Gloves: To remove pet hair from soft furnishings like sofa and rugs simply put on a pair of rubber gloves, wet them and drag the palms of your hands across the surface you need to clean – this will roll all the hairs together and leave you with an easy to pick up lump of matted hair.

* Hard Floor & amp; Surface: After a quick vacuum of the floor or surface wipe with an electrostatic mop or microfibre cloth.

Removing Pet Hair From Your Clothes

* Clothes: The most effective way of removing pet hair from clothes is to use a lint clothes roller or some hard-wearing storage box brown sticky tape. Simply wrap it around your hand and wipe it over the clothes. Another, arguably easier way to take pert hair off your clothes is to put the clothing item into the clothes dryer along with some wet microfibre cloths, the lint will stick to the microfibre cloths.