New Government Covid-19 Restrictions London

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Covid restrictions

New government Covid-19 restrictions

On 15th October 2020 the UK government announced new Codid-19 guidelines. These new guidelines will restrict the number of people that homeowners can have in their homes. There are some exceptions to the new restrictions. The main exception to this rule is for work. Tradespeople and other in-home workers are still can enter other households so long as it is for work purposes and they operate in a Covid safe manner. In home workers will also not count as mixing households or towards the “rule of 6” guidelines.   

The government acknowledges that this is a very complex environment because of the varied employment relationships people have. This guidance applies to those working in, visiting or delivering to home environments. These include, but are not limited to, people working in the following areas:

  • in home workers – such as repair services, fitters, meter readers, plumbers, cleaners, cooks, visiting childcare providers, and surveyors (this is not an exhaustive list)
  • to home services – such as delivery drivers momentarily at the door

This guidance does not directly apply to live-in nannies who spend all their time with one household, or to their employers.

I hope that this makes it a little clearer for London residents.