Why Choose Electrostatic Cleaning Services?

With COVID-19 sweeping all four corners of the globe, it’s no real surprise that people are now looking for a more thorough and more efficient way of commercial deep cleaning. This is especially the case now that more workers are beginning to return to office spaces, which as we all know can be a hub of germs and bacteria at the very best of times. 

Whether you’re looking for electrostatic cleaning, otherwise known as fogging cleaning, in London, then you’ll be pleased to know you’ve come to right place. From offices to schools, retail outlets and more, here at MyHome, we can provide you with a truly thorough and efficient cleaning service that’s guaranteed to ensure the health and safety of all those who frequent your space while also ensuring you remain on the good side of the law.

If you’re unsure however, as to what electrostatic cleaning actually is, here’s a brief rundown that won’t just explain what fogging is, but also the associated benefits.

Electrostatic Cleaning – What Is It?

Electrostatic cleaning, or electrostatic disinfecting as it’s otherwise known, is a method of very quickly and evenly coating a surface/surfaces with a disinfecting solution.

This method of cleaning is carried out by what’s known as an electrostatic applicator that gives the disinfecting solution being used at the time, a negative charge as it’s pushed out of the nozzle.

The charged molecules of disinfectant will naturally repel each other and cover a much greater distance. While they repel each other, they will find themselves attracted to surfaces that they’re applied to.

The science behind electrostatic cleaning is extremely in-depth but in simple terms, the electromagnetically charged solution sticks to targeted surfaces providing a full 360 degree coverage.

The method of electrostatic cleaning has also been designed to provide a very hostile environment for any pathogen, including COVID-19 which greatly reduces the chances of that surface becoming reinfected, within a certain time frame.

In MyHome You Can Trust

By utilising this particular method of cleaning, you can ensure a much safer environment for staff, students and more. Not only is this method of cleaning colourless, odourless and non-corrosive, it’s also environmentally friendly ensuring no staining of furnishings and a non-toxic environment for all too. Your regular cleaning routine can continue, uninterrupted but you’ll know without doubt that your environment is one of the cleanest and safest spaces possible.

Here at MyHome, we have prided ourselves on staying up to date with the very latest in cleaning technology and know first hand the benefits of this incredible cleaning method. You can trust that our continually trained staff will provide you with a high-quality service thanks to continued updates in training as well as having the very best in equipment and cleaning solutions.

Add to this our strict security checks as well as our flexibility in services, and it’s no wonder we’ve become one of London’s leading commercial and domestic cleaning companies. For more information on our electrostatic cleaning services, simply contact us today on 020 8802 4040.