End of tenancy cleaning has been a vital part of any tenancy agreement, yet the importance of an end of tenancy clean has never been so prevalent and that’s all thanks to COVID-19.

With the pandemic sweeping the nation, more and more are wanting as thorough an end of tenancy clean as possible to ensure a property is as clean and sterile an environment as possible for landlords to check out, builders to carry out necessary works or simply for new tenants to enter into.

To truly understand the importance of an end of tenancy clean during such uncertain times, it’s first important to consider what exactly the Coronavirus is and how it’s affected the world.

What Is Coronavirus?

COVID-19 swept the globe in what felt like a matter of weeks. In reality, there were discussions about this virus back in December 2019.

Here in the UK, it became a nationwide topic in January with cases springing up here and there. Fast forward to March and an official lockdown had been placed on our country, along with others at all four corners of the world.

As a result, people have been scrambling to protect their health and that of their homes and businesses too. 

The dangers lurk in not only the virus itself but how easily it appears to be spreading, even after a prolonged lockdown period. As you may have noticed, more and more towns are now going on individual lockdowns as the virus continues to sweep through the UK with symptoms including fever, cough and shortness of breath to name a few.

These symptoms can of course go on to worsen and as we’ve seen, prove fatal. Ensuring each and every space we inhabit is thoroughly cleaned is therefore an incredibly important task and end of tenancy cleaning is one such way to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned following a tenancy or even works.

How End Of Tenancy Cleaning Can Stop The Spread of COVID-19

End of tenancy cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning the whole of a rental property from top to bottom, from every square inch of surfaces, skirting boards and window sills through to carpets and other furnishings, white goods and more. The aim of an end of tenancy clean is to leave no stone unturned and with COVID still very much in the air, this is more important than ever. 

With an end of tenancy clean, you aren’t just ensuring surfaces are clean and sterile before new people enter the property, you can also ensure touch points and other areas are cleaned to a high standard to prevent the spread of COVID should the previous occupiers have come into contact with the virus, our domestic cleaning services in London cover all rooms in your home.

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