End of tenancy cleaning is a vital ingredient to ensure the smooth transition from one tenant to the next. Many landlords hope that the out-going tenant will leave the property in the best possible condition and despite the best efforts and intensions of the tenant this, unfortunately, is rarely the case. Moving home can be a very expensive and time consuming project.  Many tenants simply run out of time or money and as a result the condition of the vacated property is less than what is required.

This will in turn cause problems for the landlord, as they will need to quickly organise another clean in order to get the property to the correct standard. The landlord will quite rightly want the out-going tenant to pay for this and this will then cause problems for the out-going tenant. The end result is usually acrimonious confrontations between the two parties.

To avoid all this stress the landlord can simply add a clause into the rental agreement. This clause will instruct the out-going tenant that they are obliged to have the tenancy clean completed by a professional cleaning company.  Some landlords will just name one preferred company or offer a list from which the tenant can chose from.  

What Are The Essentials of Tenancy Cleaning?

There are usually four parties involved in new tenancy agreements. These are;

  1. Out-going tenant
  2. In-coming tenant
  3. Landlord and the
  4. Estate agency

The last three just want the property to be at the correct standard to quickly get a new tenant in place, but for the out-going tenant the cleaning standard is often secondary to the priority of keeping the costs low. The tenant will often think that the best way to do this is source a cheaper alternative or even better, do the clean themselves. This usually results in the agent or landlord having to instruct a professional cleaning company to “re-do” the clean and the charge is passed onto the out-going tenant. Thus costing the out-going tenant considerably more money.

The main areas missed when doing an End of Tenancy clean are as follows;

  • Bathroom – limescale build-up on taps, tiles and inside loo, also wall extractor fans.
  • Kitchen – the underside and inside of cupboards, kick-boards and appliances.
  • Bedrooms – under bed, light fittings and tops of wardrobes
  • Generally – all wood-work needs to be wet wiped down

Some of these more common oversights often require stronger or specialist cleaning products to remove carefully without damaging the surfaces or fixtures. This is another reason why it is best to use a professional cleaning company.

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While many attempt to carry out an end of tenancy clean themselves, only a highly trained team such as ours could provide you with the expert level of cleaning, thanks not only to their training but to the high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions they’re provided with. If you’d like more information on our end of tenancy cleaning service, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0208 802 4040.