Five ways to build a workout into your cleaning routine

By October 5, 2017 No Comments

In today’s fast-moving society, finding time to get to the gym can often be a struggle due to the ever-increasing work load at home. Myhome, your local north London cleaning service, recommends that you try to build a workout into your cleaning routine. This way you can burn tons of calories simply while cleaning your home.

The Myhome team have recommended the following 5 ways to meet your exercise needs while doing the housework.

Chore/Exercise 1: Laundry with Squats and Lifts

Getting the laundry sorted involves lots of smaller tasks such as sorting, washing, hanging and folding. All these tasks involve a lot of bending down. Instead use squats while sorting and folding. So, every time you pick up an item of laundry simply hold in the squat position for 10 seconds. Myhome cleaners in Hackney found that it worked best while sorting/folding on a table or surface with the basket on the floor. Also, when carrying the laundry basket do so with your arms at a 90-degree angle instead of it resting on your hip. This requires more effort and works your arms.

Chore/Exercise 2: Scrubbing Tiles & Floors with Toning Shoulders & Arms

Scrubbing uses a lot of energy and can give your arms an intense workout. By cleaning in a circular motion (think Karate Kid) and using both hands the Myhome cleaners is Isington found that it maximized the arm and shoulder work out. When scrubbing the floors, do so on your knees while extending your arms in a straight line as far away from your center of gravity as possible. This will give an intense work out to your stomach muscles and core.

Chore/Exercise 3: Washing Dishes/Ironing with Calf Extensions

Whether you are standing at the kitchen sink or at the ironing board both are the perfect place for calf extensions which will work your lower legs. Try to stand with your legs slightly apart. Then rise up onto your tiptoes and hold this position for 10 seconds. Continue this exercise until the task is completed.

Chore/Exercise 4: Vacuuming with Floor Lunges

The back and forth motion of floor vacuuming will work your arms and shoulders but it can also work your core. By extending out your arms in a straight line you will also feel it in your core stomach muscles. The Myhome cleaners in Hampstead also recommended working floor lunges into this cleaning core. Keeping your back straight simply lunge forward, with alternating legs. Keep your extended knee at a 90-degree angle. This will work your upper legs, hips, and thighs. Do 5 lunges on each leg before swapping over for an even workout.

Chore/Exercise 5: Sweeping and Dusting with Working Your Core

When sweeping floors simply tighten your core stomach muscles. Hold intensity in them for as long as possible. Try do 10 clinches in a row before resting for 10 seconds and going again until your floors are clean. It will also help from an aerobic stand point to do the dusting and sweeping as quickly as possible.

Good luck with trying to build a workout into your cleaning routine. Alternatively of course you could simply have your local Myhome office arrange for all your home cleaning tasks to be completed weekly. This will leave you with the time to actually go to the gym. To arrange a quote call us on 0208 802 4040.