5 ways to help remove bacteria from your home

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A recent study into domestic cleaning habits found that people do not know that it is their bad cleaning habits and routines that actually make their homes dirtier! We set out below 5 easy to follow guides in order to clean your home more effectively. How to remove bacteria from your home in five easy steps;

Here are some top cleaning tips you need to know when trying to remove bacteria from your home.

  1. Use clean and dry cloths

 It probably seems very obvious, but changing the cloth you use for each “sector” area of your home is one of the best ways people can halt the spread bacteria. It is particularly important for “high- traffic” areas, such as floors, kitchen surfaces and door handles.

Niall Power of MYHOME, explains how you should best use your cleaning materials:

“the most hygienic way to achieving a “clean” home is to systemise your approach this means using the correct products and colour coded equipment in the correct order. For example, at Myhome we only use green cloths and green products for kitchens. This means that we are not using the same cloth in multiple areas, we call this system the Tri-Zonal Cleaning System.”

  1. Be Vigilant about signs of damp

Lack of fresh air or not having ventilation will usually lead to fungus and bacterial build-up and a high fungal count. Either will cause respiratory problems, and in particular those with allergies or asthma. Using a de-humidifier or good ventilation fan are really good at reducing mould growth. If these options are not available then making sure that there is regular fresh air and a good draught in affected rooms will also help.

  1. Steam clean your hard floors

Bacteria, like everything, else needs a food source. For bacteria, it will often be gross soil which is deposited from shoes onto your floors. Steam cleaning is an effective way to removes gross soil and hence reduce or remove the food sources for bacteria. Mops are also as effective when trying to remove bacteria from your home, as long as they are properly dried before use. Steam cleaning or mopping

  1. Fit your vacuum with a HEPA vacuum filter

HEPA stand for high-efficiency particulate air filter which is something we would highly recommend to homeowners who wish to remove bacteria from their home. Omar Rashid from Myhome recommends fitting your vacuum with a HEPA filter if you are concerned about microbes:

“Vacuuming with HEPA filters removes allergens and some organisms. Vacuums without HEPA filters can actually spread organisms – especially fungi – around as conventional filters simply blow them back out into the air”.

  1. Home design – Hardwood floors for High-traffic areas

It seems obvious but having hardwood or lino floors are a lot easier to keep clean than carpets and rugs. This is mainly because they can take the stronger cleaning materials and chemicals which kill stubborn bacteria in your home.

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