Disaster Cleaning

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Disaster Cleaning With MyHome

The need for disaster cleaning with Myhome can arise when you least expect. When you think of a disaster, what springs to mind?

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and severe storms?

Maybe even floods and other ‘naturally’ damaging occurrences. Very rarely when discussing ‘disasters’ do people think of the home. Unfortunately for most, the vast majority of disasters strike in the home. Here are a few examples of what we mean when we refer to disaster cleaning:


Whether it’s a small fire or a fire that takes out a whole section of your home, fires can cause serious damage. What’s worse, even the smallest fire that’s dealt with in as professional a manner as possible can have hugely damaging effects on the rest of your home thanks to smoke travelling throughout the rest of your home.


From small DIY jobs to full on renovations and construction, construction work (while not necessarily a disaster) can have a huge impact thanks to dust and other airborne spores. While it may initially look clean, it will become apparent quite quickly that your home needs professional attendance which is why we offer after builder cleaning services to make sure nothing remains of the building works.


Mould is a perfectly natural occurrence, outside that is. As soon as it becomes apparent inside the home however, serious disasters can occur for both the structure and health of your home as well as the health of the people (and pets) that reside in it.


Whether it’s trauma or simple chemical spills, this category of ‘disaster’ cleaning can often be emotional for the resident. Regardless of that however, it will always need a professional attendance for the equipment and knowledge.


Most common of all home disasters is flooding. It is all too common for people to arrive home and find that either their washing machine has flooded the kitchen or a leak from above has caused the ceiling to fall in.  When water invades your home, it can move into every nook and cranny. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t had an impact too. So while the water may not be apparent anymore, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there causing damage through damp and subsequently mould.

Carpet Cleaning Services

You Can Rely On MyHome To Help

Here at MyHome, we pride ourselves on providing disaster cleaning, domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning services in London. Whether you’re looking for carpet and upholstery cleaning following a flood or an after-builder clean following some form of construction, you can rely on our incredible team to do what they do best – clean to a first class standard.

We ensure that every one of our cleaners is trained to the best standards and our equipment is second to none. That means you receive the best service possible without ever having to lift a finger and what’s more, you get it for some of the most competitive pricing out there too.

If you’d like more information on our disaster cleaning services, do not hesitate to contact us today on 020 8802 4040. Our team will be only too happy to talk through your needs and what we can do to help.