Deep Clean Your Home To Help Prevent The Spread of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is well and truly here in the UK. As we sit with bated breath, wondering whether or not we’ll be put on lockdown imminently like the rest of the world, we figured there would be no better time to help you deep clean your home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We all know to wash our hands for 20 seconds each but what else can we do? Here’s a guide to deep cleaning your home to help you keep the virus at bay with a few handy hints and tips from our domestic cleaning team!

Clean & Then Disinfect

When it comes to cleaning, you’re better off using a two-step method. This means cleaning first and then disinfecting. When tackling surfaces such as kitchen worktops or table tops, spray with a regular cleaning fluid and scrub.

You should then use an anti-bacterial solution to disinfect after this. We advise using a disinfectant which is alcohol based in order to disinfect against viruses and bacteria. Using both of these methods, one after the other will ensure your surfaces are virus free quickly.

Pay Attention To High Frequency Surfaces

It’s all too easy to clean and disinfect obvious surfaces but it can be easy to forget most important areas, such as door knobs, light switches and even stair bannisters.

Once again, these areas need to be cleaned first and disinfected with an anti-bacterial solution afterwards. For obvious reasons, you should never spray anything directly onto light switches or plug sockets. Instead, spray onto a microfibre cloth and buff clean.

Don’t Forget Shared Devices

Mention a deep clean and people tend to think of carpets, upholstery but items like shared devices get put to the side and forgotten. Don’t forget to clean all remote controls, tablets and even home telephones. It’s on these areas that viruses can linger and spread.

First clean with a damp cloth and then lightly spray with a disinfectant solution to rid them of germs and viruses. Cotton buds can even be used here to help you clean those small spaces in-between buttons etc.

Make Use of Stream Applicances

From tiled to vinyl flooring, steam is great at killing germs and helping to lift the everyday dirt that can build up. Try to avoid wooden floorboards as the water can damage them but anything that’s sealed and waterproof will be fine.

Clean Those Cloths Before Using

This makes perfect sense but shockingly enough, it’s not something that’s often done. So if you’re thinking about doing a serious deep clean, we suggest washing your cleaning cloths before you start cleaning and then subsequently after to remove any bacteria or viruses that you may have picked up along the way.

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Our team have the necessary precautions in place to ensure that not only will you receive the best service possible but you’ll do so without risk of infection too. From domestic cleaning to commercial cleaning services, here at MyHome, we have you covered.