Does Leaving Your Shoes At The Door Work?

By August 10, 2017 No Comments

A recent study found that dangerous bacteria can still be present even in shoe free homes

A study to settle the debate over whether allowing shoes in the home leads to a cleaner home has recently found the following to be true;

  • Shoes are not the most significant contributing factor to the amount and type of bacteria found.
  • Cleaning your home regularly means very little if not cleaned thoroughly.
  • The chances of bacteria variants like Staphylococcus aureus increased significantly where ineffective cleaning was taking place.

Shoes insignificant

Most people believe that removing your shoes before entering the home is an easy way to reduce the amount of dirt, allergens and bacteria in your home. However, this recent study found that this is not the case, and that the presence of shoes in the home does not significantly affect the number of bacteria present.

Standard of Cleaning

It was the standard of cleaning which was found to be the biggest determining factor in the amount of bacteria present. Ineffective cleaning materials used in random and wrong order was the biggest contributor to the spread of bacteria in the homes studied. Surprisingly ineffective cleaning was found to cause more harm than no cleaning at all.

Cross contamination

Essentially effective cleaning will mean using the correct products in the correct order. So, for instance changing the cloths you use for the different areas of your home is an easy effective way of reducing cross contamination. This is best achieved with colour coding your equipment and home zones. So not using the same cloth in multiple areas. Making sure that mop heads are clean and have time to dry between uses and the use clean water for mopping different areas all have a positive effect.

The study also found that people living in homes with high bacteria levels are a lot more prone to suffer from asthma or bacterial infections.

Myhome Tri-Zonal Cleaning System

At Myhome we use a unique tri-zonal colour coding system to split each home into 3 distinct zones – Blue for bedrooms & Lounges, Green for Kitchen and utilities and Red for bathroom and WC’s. Our highly trained teams then apply the relevant 13 step cleaning system depending on the zone there are cleaning. Combined with the correctly coloured equipment and products they ensure that each home is cleaned in a hygienic and systematic