Home Cleaning Services London

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Whether you own your own flat or assist in the management of an entire block, domestic cleaning services are something that should be at the forefront of every schedule. Here at MyHome, we understand the importance of a clean and tidy space, especially within a communal area. The positive knock-on effects that can have are fantastic for the community within a block.

Why Invest In Flat Cleaning Services

Whether it’s creating a great first impression for new residents and visitors or creating the ultimate happy space for current residents, a clean and tidy space is a must. We offer a range of flat cleaning services in London. From specialist cleaning of the flats themselves to commercial cleaning of the communal areas. If you’re looking for the ultimate cleaning service, for one flat or one hundred, here’s why you should choose the most professional service out there.

Call MyHome For The Ultimate Clean

Here at MyHome, we offer a totally tailored approach. Our services are fully customisable so if you wanted just a quick sweep and tidy every other day, that’s something we could provide. Want a full steam clean of carpets once a week? We can do that too. Our team are here to cater to your every need, so whatever it is you want for your block, just ask.

Communal areas are always a highly trafficked area. Whether you’re talking about the carpets on the stairwells or the carpets entering the communal gym, we know just how grubby they can get and how quickly too. It doesn’t matter how grubby they look because, with our equipment, they’ll look as good as new in no time. You’ll be surprised at how carpet cleaning will transform an entire space too.

Unlike a great deal of other cleaning services, every cleaner and every team from MyHome are provided with their own equipment. From steam mops and vacuums to cleaning fluids and air fresheners. Not only does this take the onus off you to provide them with the necessary equipment, but it also makes our services even more affordable than you originally thought.

We believe customer service is just as important as our ability to clean. Whether you’re calling to book our home cleaning services or our specialist builders cleans, you can guarantee you’ll speak to one of our friendly team every single time. Want to tailor our services but not sure what we can offer? Just ask. We’re more than happy to chat with you and answer your questions.