5 Domestic Cleaning Services For The Working Home Owner

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5 Home Cleaning Services We Offer That Are Perfect For Those Who Work Full Time

While we’d all love to have our homes sparkling clean on a daily basis, life unfortunately has a way of preventing us from cleaning as much as we’d like. This is especially the case for those working full time jobs. Regardless of whether you commute to an inner city office or work from home, full time working hours prevent us from keeping on top of everything.

Domestic Cleaning In London With MyHome

If we’re to enjoy everything life has to offer, something has to give and that’s where we come in.

Here at MyHome, we provide 5 home cleaning services for those who work full time and need a little helping hand. Here’s a rundown of the 5 key services that will ensure your home is sparkling clean at all times.


Domestic Cleaning London

1. Domestic Home Cleaning

From your skirting boards to your ceilings, our domestic cleaning services in London will ensure your home is sparkling. Surfaces will be cleaned, dusted and left shining, carpets vacuumed and your home looking spic and span every time.

Our teams of DBS checked, trained and insured cleaners work Monday to Friday and will clean your home with minimal disruption to you.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning team in London have been wowing customers for some time now. From those with carpets looking a little tired from high trafficked areas, to those who just want to enjoy a little ‘spring clean’ feeling; carpet cleaning is an essential part of home cleaning and one we’re proud to provide.

While your carpets may not look dirty or heavily soiled, you may be surprised at just how fresh and clean they appear once our teams and their incredible equipment have paid your home a visit.

With our specialist cleaning equipment, you’ll save hours of time and instead simply come home to a fresh, clean environment.

3. Window Cleaning

Whether you decide to clean your home yourself once a week, or a little a day, we guarantee there’s one job that gets pushed to the back of the list each and every time; window cleaning.

Here at MyHome, we provide a domestic window cleaning service in London that will ensure your windows are gleaming both inside and out.

Enjoy maximum light in your home, clearer views and a home that looks well maintained, even from the kerb.

4. Laundry Service

Keeping on top of the laundry is a dream for most. With new clothes added to the pile every day, getting around the washing, drying and ironing can feel next to impossible. That is unless you spend the best part of your free time doing it all in one mass load.

Not something we want to waste our free time on – we can all agree on that. Using our laundry service in London however, will mean all of your dirty clothes are removed and laundered in our offices.

They’ll then be dropped back to you on the next scheduled clean or earlier if required. Have ironing that needs doing too? Our team can tend to this on site and simply return all ironed clothes straight to your drawers and wardrobes as if we were never there.

5. Garden Services

Last but not least, we have our garden maintenance services in London. Provided to ensure your outdoor space, regardless of size, is kept looking exactly how you’d like it to. Expect a first class service with fully insured and knowledgeable gardeners.

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If you’d like more information on any one of our home cleaning services, simply contact our team today. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information on how we can help you enjoy a cleaner home with ease.

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