11 Jobs For Your Pressure Washer

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It is amazing all the jobs that you can get done with a pressure washer in London. Below is a list of 12 jobs that can be made a whole lot easier by pressure washing in Islington.

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  1. Perimeter and Garden Fence

    It is always nice to freshen up your garden and front fence – using a pressure wash and being careful with the distance will made a difficult job a lot easier and less time consuming.

  2.  Exterior Siding or Brick

    Same with the fencing, try to pressure wash the exterior of your home at least every couple of years.  Most machines come with a soap dispenser for extra cleaning ability. This will improve the overall look to your home and kill off mildew and mould growing on the brickwork.  

  1.  Garage Door

    Depending on what your door is made from and whether it is treated or not will determine how often you will need to have it cleaned. Usually once every couple of years will do the trick. The pressure washer is also great at removing bird droppings on and around doors. 

  1. BBQ or Outdoor Grill

    As anyone who regularly uses the BBQ knows it is the clean-up which can take the most time and it is usually a messy job. By using the detergent dispenser on the jet wash you can make this job very straight forward. Just remember to clean it near the drain so that the debris does not end up all over your patio.

  2.  Removing hard to reach cobwebs and dangerous wasp nests

    High pressure washers also have the ability to shoot a pressurised stream of water at a target and completely obliterate it. This is really helpful for removing high up cobwebs and also safe for removing wasp nests as you can stand a safe distance away.

  3.  Driveway

    It is always amazing how much grime and moss that builds up on driveways throughout the year.  Because it does so slowly it is often unnoticed until you move a pot plant etc. Then you can see what the original colour was compared to the current. Never fear a couple of hours with the pressure washer and it’s all back to the former glory.

  4.  Patios and Decks

    The same can be said for Decking and patios – the difference can be stark and striking once you clean them up.

  5.  Outdoor Garden Furniture

    While you are cleaning the patio you can also turn the pressure washer onto the patio or garden furniture. All the months of weather grime will simply wash away leaving it looking like new. Although, as with the decking, if the furniture is wooden you will probably need to re-oil/varnish once it has dried.

  6.  Car & Bicycles

    When washing these items make sure you don’t use it on the most powerful setting as this can blast the paint off. Instead stand a little further back and be especially careful around any paint damaged areas. Most pressure washers come with a car cleaning brush which attaches to the top and negates the need for such caution.

  7.  Lawn Mower

    A clean once every couple of years will keep your machinery looking smart. As always be gentle when cleaning the mechanical areas as the high pressure could damage the internal workings. Don’t forget the underside – best to remove all the stuck-on grass.

  8. Trash Can

    Once you have managed to recover these transient items a good clean with the pressure washer and some detergent will keep them looking good and smelling fresh.

As always if you don’t want the hassle of buying, using and storing a pressure washer you can always give Myhome a call on 0208 802 4040 or email on [email protected] to outsource all your pressure washing chores.