Domestic Cleaning in Hampstead

Myhome provide premium domestic cleaning in Hampstead.  Myhome also provide first class handyman servies and carpet cleaning services to the North London domestic market. At MyHome will tailor a service to fit your needs and budget. With over 200,000 successfully completed cleans Myhome are the experts in the field. Apart from providing domestic cleaning in Hampstead, we also provide cleaning in St. John’s Wood, cleaners in Maide Vale and cleaning services in West Hampstead.

Tri-Zonal™ Domestic cleaning system

Our unique Tri-Zonal™ cleaning system was created with a view of finding the most efficient and consistent cleaning program for use in the home. Using time and motion studies along with hours and hours of intensive work we developed our current cleaning system. The system involves splitting each home into 3 specific colour area – Blue, Red & Green. Each area requires its own colour specific products and colour specific13 step program.

DBS Checked & Insured Staff

Using the system means that it is easy for us to train all our staff in how to use the system in order to consistently reach the highest standards of cleaning. Incidentally, all our staff are fully insured, DBS Checked, vetted and valued members of the myhome team that are carefully sourced and properly equipped with all the cleaning products and safety tools needed to do the job.

No Cross-Contamination

The system also ensures that there will be no cross-contamination of cleaning materials used during the cleaning session as all products and cloths are kept in their specific colour areas. It also helps our clients to understand what tasks the team will carry out during each clean and thereby ensuring that they get what they pay for.

Professional Grade Cleaning Products

As Myhome specialise in domestic services all the products and equipment used are professional grade. This means that so no harsh industrial strength products or equipment are used which may damage surfaces or leave over whelming chemical odours. We are constantly upgrading our product mix to ensure that latest cleaning technologies while also trying to provide as environmentally a service as possible.

Cleaning Results with value

The results of all the above is to provide our clients with a uniquely secure domestic cleaning service, which delivers a very high quality clean each and every time to the more discerning of clients. This makes our service great value for money.

Other strings to our bow!

We also specialise in assisting Block management companies and estate agents. Apart from our expert cleaning services we can also offer handyman services, carpet cleaning services and even gardening maintenance.

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Established for over 15 years with over 150,000 cleans completed. Our staff are full-time, DBS checked, equipped and uniformed professionals who are fully insured against ALL eventualities.
If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!




 kitchen clean up
Cleaning the blender made easy

Rather than leaving your blender blades soak for hours simply fill the blender with hot water and some washing up liquid and turn it on to max for a few minutes. Then you just need to empty and rinse. All done!

Oil stains in your garage or on your driveway?

Easily clean up oil and other leaking fluid stains from cars with regular cat litter. Once it has soaked up all the fluid simply sweep it up and dispose of it in the usual way.

arriving to clean garages


preparing for silverwear

Need to get the silverware ready?

Believe it or not regular household tomato ketchup will bring the sparkle back to your silverware. Simply dip a cloth into some ketchup and rub it onto the item, leave for 10 minutes before buffing off, hey presto all shiny.

Having trouble collecting all the tiny glass shards after an accident?

Believe it or not but a humble slice of white bread is a quick and relatively safe way to collect all the smaller pieces of glass. Simply wipe the bread slice across the floor and you will find that all the glass pieces stick to it. You can then safely dispose of glass and bread into the bin you may need to repeat a few times.

collecting shards of glass

keeping the kitchen germ free

Keeping your kitchen bin germ free

The inside of rubbish bins tends to usually be full of bacteria, germs and bad smells. To reduce this, simply put some balled up newspaper in the bottom of bin bag to soak up noxious fluids – that way they don’t leak out and make a mess. Drilling some holes in the bottom of the rubbish bin can prevent suction from tearing the bag open when you pull it out. Sprinkle the inside of the bin with vinegar at least once a week, this will keep germs and odours under control.

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