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Myhome domestic services are the number 1 provider of premium cleaning in Southgate. Myhome also provide first rate handyman, gardening and other services to the domestic sector. At Myhome we provide a bespoke service to fit the exacting needs and budgets of ALL our clients. With almost 200,000 cleans successfully completed so far Myhome continue to strive to be the best. Apart from cleaning in Southgate, Myhome also cover cleaning in Winchmore Hill, Barnet and Palmers Green.

Unique Tri-Zonal™ cleaning system

AT Myhome we have our unique Tri-Zonal™ cleaning system which was developed with a view to finding the most effective and efficient cleaning method for domestic cleaning. We split your home into 3 specific colour areas – Blue, Red & Green. The team then use the specific colour coded 13 step program along with the correct products for each area to ensure a perfectly clean home each and every time.

Reliable & Honest Cleaning Service

At Myhome we realise that it is our staff that are the life blood of our business and as such we make sure that they are properly looked after. This means that they come equipped with all the safety & correct cleaning equipment that they will need to complete each job. We also ensure proper training and insurance is in place to avoid problems arising and escalating. Apart from that we also fully vet and DBS check all our staff. You can rest assured that at Myhome safety and security is at the centre of all we do.

Environmentally and Socially aware

Here at Myhome we have always tried to provide a long-term solution to our client’s domestic service needs. With this in mind, we welcome our obligations to HMRC and to society as a whole. In practice this means that we set out to be tax compliant and are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and use more environmentally friendly products.

Charity Projects

We understand that there are many people less fortunate than ourselves and as such we hand pick two local and one international charity to donate to every couple of years. We currently donate to two London homeless shelters along with Child Rescue Nepal. Please visit our charity page to learn more about the fantastic work these organisations do along with how you get help.

Other Cleaning Services

We also specialise in providing assistance to Property & Block management companies. When tenants vacate a property Myhome are on hand to provide handyman services, professional tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and even Gardening services.

Phone: 0845 644 9063 / 0208 802 4040

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Established for over 15 years with over 150,000 cleans completed. Our staff are full-time, DBS checked, equipped and uniformed professionals who are fully insured against ALL eventualities.
If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!



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Are You Sick Of Caustic Oven Cleaners?

Most oven cleaners can be a little over powering in terms of the odours that the release while using them. A good alternative is to use some baking soda. Simple mix with some water and brush onto all oven surfaces. Then turn the oven on and allow to heat up for 20 minutes. Then you should be able to easily wipe off all the grease and burnt on stains with a little elbow grease.

Cleaning Your Chopping Boards With Lemon And Salt

Even when your chopping boards look clean then can still be an area where bacteria can thrive. A great way to freshen up and kill bacteria is to spread some coarse salt and scrub in the board using a half lemon. Liberal use of lemon juice will make it easier. Once covered let is settle for 5 minutes. Then clean off and rinse.

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Cleaning Your Iron Pots and Pans

Rather than using washing up liquid we recommend using salt. Simply add a spoon full of coarse salt into the bottom of the pot or pan and scrub in with some kitchen towel. Then heat the pan over a low heat to get rid of any extra moisture. This will also prevent rusting.

Cleaning Your Dishwasher

It is not something that people think about often but cleaning your dishwasher regularly will improve its performance and give off a better odour while it is working. Simply pour half a bottle of vinegar into the machine and run a cycle. Run another rinsing cycle to complete the task.

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