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Myhome is a domestic services company with a difference. We provide premium domestic cleaning in Hackney and other services like tenancy cleaning in Hackney. Our aim is to bring a high level of professionalism to the domestic services industryWe achieve this by managing every aspect of the client experience, from initial enquiry right through to requests for feedback. We provide a whole range of cleaning services in Hackney, everything from regular weekly or fortnightly cleans to after builder or tenancy cleaning. Apart from domestic cleaning in Hackney, we also provide cleaners in Stoke Newington, cleaning in Victoria Park and cleaning in Clapton.

Full Range of Cleaning Services

With almost 40 full-time trained professional cleaners, working Monday to Friday, Myhome can cater for all jobs big and small and are looking to provide a long-term solution to all of your domestic cleaning needs. Along with our professional cleaning service Myhome also offer premium carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as a handyman service in north London and a gardening service.

Home Security

Security is at the heart of all we do. At Myhome we integrate home security in everything from staff recruitment, payment methods and key holding with a view to making the service we provide as secure as possible.
DBS Security Checked workers

All myhome home cleaners are sourced from trusted people – essentially through the staff that currently work for us. This way before we even meet them they know what is required of them and that someone has vouched for them. We then carry out a full DBS check along with references checks and interviews.

Robust security systems

All our home cleaners then go through our intensive training program where they learn our all the systems and procedures that they need to know in order to provide a secure and consistently level standard of cleaning.

Tri-Zonal Cleaning system

Our unique cleaning system is the Tri-Zonal Cleaning system which we developed over 10 years ago using time and motion studies. This allowed us to determine the most efficient way to clean a home with the least risk of cross contamination from one area of the home to the other. This is achieved by colour coding the areas of the home and then only using the relevant coloured products and equipment for each specific area of the home.

Secure Key holding system

Assuming that a client are happy for us to hold their key we store them in the key safe at our office. Our office is locked and the promises is protected by 24 hour security guard. On the day of the clean the team leader on the relevant team signs out the keys and keeps them on her person at all times. There are no identifying marks on the keys other than a myhome security fob. Once the team have finished all the keys are signed back in and stored until the next clean.

Payment System

We use a well know payment system called Global Iris which securely holds client credit/debit card information. On the day of each clean the cards are automatically processed in an efficient and secure manner.
We look forward to discussing all our services with you, please give us a call to arrange a free no obligation quotation.

Phone: 0845 644 9063 / 0208 802 4040

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Established for over 15 years with over 150,000 cleans completed. Our staff are full-time, DBS checked, equipped and uniformed professionals who are fully insured against ALL eventualities.
If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!



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Cleaning Vomit from your carpet can be quick and easy

As with all stains the quicker to attend to it the better. This is particularly important where the stain consists of acids – gastric acids can permanently damage the carpet fibers. Therefore time is of the essence. First remove as much of the solid parts as is possible (hope that you are not eating while reading this!). Then make a cleaning paste by mixing baking soda, lemon juice and water. Spread this on the stain and leave overnight. In the morning vacuum up all the residue. You should be left with a freshly smelling stain free carpet. Again I can’t emphasize this enough, the quicker you attend to the stain the better the results will be.

Cupboard De-greaser

Removing grease and grimy build-up from cupboards can often be messy and time consuming. To deal with this first make a paste with one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda, then apply to all the greasy surfaces using a scrubbing brush. Finally rinse and wipe clean with warm damp cloth. As always if you do not have the time or inclination to do this why not give the professionals a call. Myhome provide superior domestic cleaning in hackney and the surrounding areas and are happy to tackle all cleaning jobs.

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Clothes Dryer Static Sheets

Using your static dryer sheets can help with plenty of other jobs around your home. This super versatile sheet can do everything from cleaning your greasy hob, to removing the soap rings from the bathtub. It seems that the fibres in the static sheet will collect most things. Also, using a wet static dryer sheet, you can rub it across your curtains and blinds and it will remove an amazing amount of debris. Another good use for these dusting furniture – like magic the dust sticks to the sheets can does not get spread around into the air. Again why not give Myhome a call we provide superior domestic cleaning in hackney and the surrounding areas and love housework!

Quick way to keeping your fridge clean

Remove and cleaning all the different shelves and fridge compartments can be tiresome and time consuming. By simply covering all the main shelves with cling film as soon as a spillage occurs simply peel off the film and throw it away.

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