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Myhome Domestic Services are the premium domestic cleaning and services company in London. Myhome offers premium domestic cleaning in Camden and surrounding areas. With over 15 years of experience and 200,000 professional cleaning jobs completed there is no other company better placed to solve all your domestic service needs. Myhome was originally started in 2005 and currently offers an expanding set of domestic services throughout North London. Apart from doing residential cleaning in Camden we also offer cleaners in Kentish Town, cleaning services in Dartmouth Park and Cleaners in Tufnel Park.

Other services offered

Apart from professional home cleaning Myhome also offer handyman services, gardening maintenance and carpet/upholstery cleaning. We also provide cleaning and maintenance solutions for communal and block management companies.

Systemic Approach To Domestic Cleaning

Here at Myhome we take a systemic approach to everything from sourcing highly motivated home cleaners to training them in our exclusive Tri-ZonalTM cleaning system. This way we can control all aspects of our service provision making the experience as flexible and easy for our client’s as possible.

No Obligation Home Survey

Once you have made the initial enquiry we will book you in for a quick home survey. Our representative will be able to see and talk through what you require along with explaining how our service works and the costs involved. It usually takes no more than 15 minutes.

Email confirmation and Guaranteed Satisfaction

Once the date of the initial clean has been agreed you will receive an email confirmation. We will then give you a call to discuss access and payment details. The team will then arrive on the given day and time fully equipped to carry out the clean as agreed. Once complete they themselves will check to ensure that all is perfect. Should you or any other stakeholder have any problem with the team simply give the office a call and we will take immediate action to ensure that you are delighted with the result. Myhome provide residential cleaning in Camden.

Following that a team of full-time, DBS Checked, trained and insured professionals will then arrive at the agreed date and time to carry out the clean. We also guarantee each and every service and will return FREE of charge to re-do any aspect.

Fully Uniformed and Equipped Staff

All our teams come fully uniformed and equipped with all the latest cleaning equipment and products. This ensures that the job will be carried out to the highest standard. The team will also carry a “Work Order” with detailed notes of your specific requirements. Any additional notes or feedback will be added to the “Work Order” to ensure an up to date record.


Once the team have finished they can set the alarm, lock up, secure the home and leave. Our office staff will then process payment using the latest secure baking systems so you can rest assured that your home security is always at the heart of all we do.

One Stop Shop

Myhome are experts in Tenancy and After builder cleans and as they also provide handyman service, gardening and Carpet cleaning we are the one-stop shop for all your domestic requirements. Please give us a call to discuss.

Phone: 0845 644 9063 / 0208 802 4040

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Established for over 15 years with over 150,000 cleans completed. Our staff are full-time, DBS checked, equipped and uniformed professionals who are fully insured against ALL eventualities.
If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!



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Find Motivation

Inviting friends or family around regularly will get you motivated to get your home in order. Failing that turn the radio on with some up beat music to avoid getting bored while cleaning your house. Also, listening to audio books while cleaning can be a great way to avoid boredom and allows you to accomplish two tasks at once.

Invest in high-quality tools

Don’t waste your time and money on the latest cleaning gadgets which can only be used for a limited number of tasks. Buy good quality tools once and use them properly. You will be amazed how quickly you will get through the work with the correct tools and products.

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quick microwave cleaning

Quick way to clean your microwave

Cleaning inside your microwave can be incredibly quick and easy. Simply mix lemon juice and water in a microwavable bowl, and turn the microwave on for 5 minutes, the citrus steam will deodorise and sanitise the microwave. Afterwards, just give the inside a quick wipe down with a cloth.

Keep your Grill carbon free and smelling fresh

By regularly rubbing a half white onion across your grill your tray bottom will stay carbon free during and after cooking. It will also nicely season any food you cook on the grill and mask more over bearing odours for you.

oven cleaning


cleaning the shower

Keeping your Shower head flowing freely

To keep your shower head free of lime scale simply fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and place the shower head into the liquid. If you cannot take the shower head down use an elastic band to hold the bag in place. Leave it overnight and after a quick rinse in the morning it will be all clean and flowing free.

Easy way to remove pet hair/fur from carpets and upholstery

Using a window cleaner squidgy or a simple rubber glove, dip it into water and drag it across the fabric surface. All the loose fibres, animal and human hair and plenty besides will collect in an easy to pick up ball. This will also have the positive affect of greatly reducing any pet allergy symptoms will.

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