Here at MyHome, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our team and of course our customers. In light of the recent developments surrounding COVID-19 and the current rate at which it’s spreading, we felt it necessary to give you some much needed information and of course an update on the measures we’re putting in place based on the guidelines we receive from Public Health England..

Minimising Risk For Everyone

In order to help minimise spread of Coronavirus we have started to stagger the arrival times of all our teams each morning and afternoon to ensure that the minimum amount of people are in our office at any one time. We have also changed the teams where possible to ensure that staff members that live together are working together.

We are also asking all clients to confine themselves to one room or take your daily exercise while the team are cleaning, that way there will be no contact and you can enjoy a lovely clean home once the team have departed.

New Procedures

Each team is carefully screened each morning to ensure that no one is feeling ill or displaying any symptoms. Anyone showing ANY symptoms or living with someone who does, will not be coming into the office and will be self-isolating. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all our teams are aware of how important this is. Luckily we have yet to have any cases but we remain vigilant.

As soon as each time arrive in a house they will be washing their hands as per government guidelines. All equipment will also be sanitised before and after every job using strong virucide cleaning agents.

Upgrading Cleaning Products and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

All our teams will be working with masks and additional gloves throughout this period. This is to protect both our staff and our clients and to reduce the possibility of spread. All teams will also now be using enhanced sanitising cleaning products which have a virucide (virus killing) agent in them. This will not only drastically reduce the amount of contamination in each home but it will also reduce the chances of it spreading while protecting further our teams and clients.

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Teams Will Focus On “High Frequency Touch Areas”

Apart from performing the usual cleaning tasks in each home, the teams while using these virucide products, will be concentrate on “high frequency touch areas”. This means everything from door handles, banisters, light switches and surfaces will be cleaned with the anti-viral product. This won’t just result in a much cleaner home environment for you and your family but it will also ensure a much lower risk of contamination or spread for everyone involved.

MyHome Are Here To Help

Over the next month or so we will be running a reduced service and we will continue to do our best to make things as easy for our clients as possible. Although we will still be cleaning many homes we will also be cleaning the communal areas of residential apartment blocks and performing steam sanitising cleans for offices and other businesses. If you know of any vulnerable person in your area that is in need of some assistance we are more than happy to help for free. Please let us know. We can also do a free collection/delivery of Laundry or Prescriptions.

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Tackling the Cleaning yourself?

For anyone who will be getting stuck into cleaning their own homes during this period please take a look at the Tri-Zonal cleaning steps as well as our blog which will hopefully help see you though.

Contact MyHome Today

If you’d like help carrying out a thorough deep clean on your home, from carpets and upholstery to fridge-freezers and more, simply contact us today on 020 8802 4040. Our team have the necessary precautions in place to ensure that not only will you receive the best service possible but you’ll do so without risk of infection too. From domestic cleaning to commercial cleaning services, here at MyHome, we have you covered.

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