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At MyHome Cleaning Services, we’re proud to now offer commercial window cleaning in London. Covering both exterior and interior windows and glass, our window cleaning services has your commercial space covered come rain or shine. Our team of experienced cleaners are available weekly, monthly and of course, at tailored intervals to suit your needs.

A Wide Variety Of Window Cleaning Services

From ground floor offices to low-rise buildings, our team of experienced operatives offer the ultimate London cleaning services. Our team of window cleaners are fully trained and equipped with the best solutions and equipment to carry out every job, big or small, to the very best standards. From our cleaning blades to our reach and wash systems, we have everything covered to ensure your commercial space is looking its best at all times.

The Benefits Of Commercial Window
Cleaning London

Whether you own an estate agent in the high street or an office block in the inner city, commercial window cleaning is a must.The benefits go way beyond clean windows. Here are 5 reasons why our window cleaning service in London is an absolute necessity for every commercial space.


A clean office is a happy office. It’s also a healthy office too. With clean windows, inside and out, you’ll find staff feel better overall. Cleanliness is a must especially for staff members that find themselves sensitive to allergens or suffer with health problems such as asthma. Rid your office windows and glass of dust and watch your staff look and feel happier overall.


With happier, healthier staff, you can guarantee productivity levels will increase. It also means your employees won’t find themselves distracted with cleaning work. Instead they can focus on their main role, ensuring their jobs and tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.


As anyone knows, presentation and most importantly, kerb appeal are so important. Clean windows and glass, inside and out are essential to present your business or company in the best light possible. A dirty office will only signify poor practices and an unprofessional manner.


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Commercial window cleaning isn’t a job for an untrained member of staff. More often, commercial windows are usually larger and require ladders or specialist equipment in order to reach every corner. Our team are fully prepared for all eventualities and as such, will prevent your staff (non-professionals) from having to put themselves at risk. Hiring professionals is a must to prevent accidents and get the job done safely.


Whether you lease your commercial space or own it, property maintenance is absolutely crucial. A commercial window cleaning team, such as ours at MyHome, will ensure your windows are always cleaned and up to lease standards. Keeping them clean will also prevent issues such as rot and debris causing problems – again this is crucial if you own the property.


Professional Commercial Window Cleaning London

At MyHome, we’re proud to boast window cleaning services within our repertoire. With this added to our list, we consider ourselves your one-stop-shop for all commercial and domestic cleaning services in and around London – and if you don’t believe us, check out what our customers have to say about us!

If you’d like to find out more about our London cleaning services, from commercial window cleaning to carpet cleaning for your office space, contact us today!

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