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Powerhome Commercial Cleaning Services exist to take the hassle out of getting your office or communal area professionally cleaned on a regular basis. With more than 15 years of experience and over 200,000 professional cleaning jobs completed there is no other company better suited to solving all your commercial cleaning needs.

Improve Your Staff Morale

Here at Myhome we take a systemic approach to every aspect of the service so from sourcing motivated cleaning staff to training them in our exclusive Tri-ZonalTM cleaning system. This way we control all parts of our service provision making the experience as flexible for our client’s as possible. Having a clean working environment has been shown to improve staff morale and performance so it is always worthwhile to make sure your office cleanliness reaches the highest standards.

Improve Your Client’s First Impressions

First impressions are always very important so having a clean, organised office space will provide the ideal environment for giving your current and potential client’s the best possible impression of your business.
No Obligation Office Survey

Once we have received your initial enquiry we will schedule in a non-obligatory site survey. Our client representative will be able to map out and talk through what exactly you require as well as explaining how our service works. We will then get an itemised quotation and the costs involved. It usually takes no more than 30 minutes.

Other Cleaning Services Offered

Here at Powerhome Ltd also offer services to block management companies that require cleaning services for the communal areas of residential blocks. We also have a handyman service & carpet cleaning service so we are well placed to provide a comprehensive cleaning service to Residential Management Companies.

Fully Uniformed And Equipped Staff

Our operatives always come in teams and are fully uniformed and equipped with all the latest cleaning products and equipment. All products used are strong on dirt and grease but gentle on the environment meaning no nasty chemical smells and a pleasant working area for your staff.

Office Security

All our operatives have been DBS checked and vetted, we are also fully insured against all eventualities. If you like once the team have finished they can set the alarm, secure the office, lock up and leave. Our office staff will then invoice you monthly via email.

Flexible Scheduling

You tell us what you need and how frequently and we will build the service provision around your needs. We can provide daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one off cleaning services.

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Established for over 15 years with over 150,000 cleans completed. Our staff are full-time, DBS checked, equipped and uniformed professionals who are fully insured against ALL eventualities.
If we don’t get it right, we’ll do the job again free of charge!



Taking care of the hard floors seems to be getting more complicated with the changes in materials and composition of flooring used in most communal areas of residential blocks. Here are some tips which may help keep the floors looking as good as new.

vinyl cleaning


Cleaning vinyl, linoleums and rubber floors

There have been many new and improved materials for hard flooring in recent years. Linoleums, rubber and vinyl are hard wearing and very easy to look after. The amount of maintenance and cleaning usually just depends on the colour – obviously lighter colours will show marks easier and so require a little more TLC.

Regular vacuuming or brushing to remove grit and dirt which can lead to scratches is highly recommended. Quickly wiping up any spillages will also help as it will be unlikely to have time to leave a permanent stain, this will also be recommended by the manufacturer and supplier.

Scuff marks can be removed by carefully scrubbing with a standard scouring pad although you will need to be really careful not to scratch the surface.
Clean these types of flooring is best when done with a mild detergent and warm water. Best to steer clear of abrasive and corrosive cleaners, as these with take the sheen from the surface and leave a dull finish.

Cleaning stone floors

The most important thing with stone or porous floors is to make sure that they have been sealed once they are fitted. Some floors are treated at the manufacturing stage which will also suffice. This is very important as sealing will greatly increase its ability to repel and liquid spillages from seeping into the pours. For terracotta and slate make sure you use a good proprietary sealant or linseed oil. It will need re-sealing annually for best results. To clean simply use a mix of mild detergent and water.

Is goes without saying but the quicker you can clean away any acidic or caustic spills the less chance of a permanent stain.

stone cleaning

ceramic tile cleaning

How to clean ceramic tiles

Again, with ceramic tiles cleaning is straight forward using a mix of mild detergent and water solution. These floor types will not be required to be sealing. Simply damp-mop the tiles with an all-purpose cleaner and dry with a cloth to avoid streaks.

Cleaning Waxed floors

Where your block has waxed floors regular mopping is not a good idea as it will simply remove the wax and leave a dull finish. Instead, and stains and spillages should be quickly cleaned up the floor regularly vacuumed. Using a localised cloth to remove other stains is also recommended.

wax cleaning

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