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Are you looking for a professional carpet clean? Then allow us, the carpet cleaning pros to show you why we believe we are the right choice for you for professional carpet cleaners in Southgate, for us at myhome, we have the right mindset to make sure your carpet is looking clean and as fresh as the first day you bought it. Vacuuming your carpet is an integral part of care and maintenance that will help keep your carpet lasting longer and help prevent damage to the carpet fibres.

Over time, dirt, grit and dust get worked into the carpet, slowly weighing them down over time which results in those fibres being flattened down and dulling the appearance of carpets. Fibres that aren’t properly looked after can also fray with wear and tear, and keep odours locked deep within the carpet pile along with bacteria, dust mites and dirt clinging to the carpet fibres making it heavier and duller.

This is an effective part of regular maintenance for the carpets in your home, accidental spillages are also something we have great amounts of experience with. From wine to chocolate and everything in between, we have the experience of getting many stains out of carpets, the right equipment for the job and the right mindset to leave you happier than ever with your home. 

Carpet Cleaning Services

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular washing will pull out those hard-to-remove spills that sink and soak into the carpet fibres that will leave your carpet looking and smelling fresher, lighter, brighter and almost invigorated with a new life. If you don’t think or haven’t thought about your carpet being dirty or don’t think it even is dirty then let us show you how dirty they have actually become over time.

Moving a sofa or seat that’s been in the same position for a while or at least since you have had the carpet, will show you just how different the carpet covered by the sofa is from where you regularly vacuum. If you do wash your carpets, even if it’s an oftentimes rare event you would highly likely still be able to see the difference between the colour of your carpets and realise just how much dirtier and duller your carpets can get.

Call The Professionals

For a free quote from a professional cleaning company in Southgate then our expertise is always readily available for quotations or even for just some helpful advice on how to remove stains, and spillages or just regular carpet and upholstery maintenance advice. Then you can book a carpet or upholstery clean through our contact us form on our website or you can give us a call at 020 8802 4400 or email us at i[email protected] for any related advice or bookings. 

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