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Whether you’re living in a flat or a house, having the space to throw your own party is nothing short of awesome. Whether it’s a pre-planned event or an off the cuff after party, it’s always guaranteed to be a great night but what’s not so great perhaps is the clean up needed the next day. Thankfully, here at My Home, that’s an area in which we’re able to help with our after party cleaning service.

Make The Night Before Disappear With My Home’s After Party Cleaning

Here at My Home, we won’t leave a single corner untouched, leaving your home looking exactly like, well…your home. You’ll find not a single remnant of a party thanks to our fantastic team of expert cleaners making their way into your home and tackling the after party cleaning step by step.

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They’ll begin by picking up plastic glasses, bottles, dishes, plates and any other rubbish they can find to give themselves unhindered access to the rest of your home, where they’ll then begin to clean and dust all surfaces, including mirrors, glass and any other hard surfaced area. Each room will be left sparkling clean thanks to a final vacuum and/or mop.

We’ll then scrub and shine your sink and taps back to their former glory before moving on to cupboards, surfaces and even appliances such as your fridge that may be suffering from the after effects of too many hands.

As with any party, you’ll find certain areas of the home are used more than others which is why, with our after party cleaning you’ll find we too focus a little more on these areas. As the song testifies, “you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” which is why a strong focal point of our party cleaning services will begin here where we’ll start removing trash before washing dirty glasses etc.

Professional After Party Cleaning With My Home

The bathroom is another area that tends to get used a huge amount during parties, as well as the carpets and flooring outside finding themselves subjected to extra stress with the inevitable queue that often forms after a certain amount of drinks have been served.

We’ll ensure all surfaces are cleaned, disinfected and scrubbed to ensure a clean and useable bathroom once again. Finally, we’ll finish up with all common areas, from your living rooms to dining rooms and of course, hallways and landings to ensure your home is looking its absolute best.

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Whether your parties are once in a blue moon, fortnightly or even weekly, our cleaning services will not let you down. Come rain or shine, you can rely on My Home to have your home looking its best each and every time.

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